Wednesday, July 8, 2009

happy birthday, husband

This is the first year I've celebrated a birthday for a husband!  And wouldn't you know, he wouldn't let me make a big deal out of it.  So we're just heading for pizza tonight with a group of about 24 (did I mention he's a popular fellow?).  Friends = fun.  Especially with our group of friends.

Friday night will be the family dinner.  And the next weekend is my surprise weekend for him.  

Here's a pic of Jamie's bday from last year.  The two birthday celebrations I've planned for Jamie in the past 2 years just might be the best parties I've ever thrown...

Happy Birthday, husband.  You're the best :)


Kristen said...

molly! so sorry we missed the dinner! long story. i felt bad though! and you are so sweet to send the gift card, btw. it was a nice surprise, and much appreciated :)