Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've thought about doing a juice cleanse/detox for a few years now.  I've had some friends try it, and to be honest, the idea of a cleanse for my body just sounds all healthy and trendy.  I mean, doesn't everybody like the idea of ridding your body of all of its toxins?

Anyhow, I decided to give it a try, and I'd heard Ardens Garden had an easy, short, affordable one (I mean, it's just 2 days!).  Here's what they say about their 2 day cleanse.

The 2 Day Detox is a unique blend of fresh juices that helps cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your body. These fresh citrus juices supply you with minerals, antioxidants and more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins. The 2 Day Detox is based on the time-tested European method of periodic fasting which cleanses the body. Drink one gallon of detox each day – as much distilled water as desired – and remember, no food!

(Taken from the Ardens Garden website)

Made a quick trip to Whole Foods on our way back from Augusta (where we were wined and dined by Honey & Daddy Big...and enjoyed every minute of it!), enjoyed some Mexican on Sunday night with our college students, and was ready to start the detox the next day.  Here are my thoughts...

- the juice is really tart (it's a combination of lemon, grapefruit, orange juices and water), and gets harder to drink throughout the day.  it also tastes terrible after you brush your teeth.  best enjoyed over ice, in my opinion.

- day 1 STINKS - It was really, really hard for me (but keep in mind, that I'm someone who has little willpower when it comes to food).  it also didn't help that i was having to make food 4x/day for the little man.

- i really didn't feel too hungry, and if i did i just drank more juice which made my stomach stopped rumbling.  looks like it was just the taste of food that i was craving!

- day 2 was much more manageable, as my cravings were a little more controlled.  it probably helped that i knew i was just a day away,too.

- turns out i actually lost 4 pounds in the process (which wasn't the goal, but i'll take it), and i did feel like it was a good restart for my body.  keep in mind that you're consuming a lot of fluid...i had to use the restroom all day long (and night, too...i also have a ridiculously small bladder).  i also found it harder to consume as much water as i usually do bc of all of the extra fluids, which left me with quite a headache (i also seem to require more water than the average bear).

Would I do it again?  If you'd asked me Monday, I would have said no way.  If you'd asked me yesterday, I'd have said probably not.  If you asked me today, I'd say maybe.  And tomorrow I'll probably say sure!  Guess we'll just have to see.


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing I've been wanting to try it too, maybe I'll do that one!