Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what's going on...

I realize this has been a blog of empty promises, but here are a few things that have been keeping us busy, busy, busy...

lots of eating!

mommy play dates

catching up on the Bachelor
[sidenote: I wasn't quite as impressed with this
season as my high hopes had thought I would be, but I am
excited for him and Catherine!]

acting like monkeys

winning trophies
(I've got a post coming on this...hilarious)

vacationing with cousins

we even took Hammond tubing!  he had to be in his own tube,
and it was faster than I'd thought, but he loved it. 

hanging out with college kids

standing on his own!

tasting limes :)

cheering on Victor and Lucas at the tennis match,
while Michael sits there looking like a dad :)

our favorite Brazilians!

walking with our click clack alligator
(but not on our own yet!)

celebrating this beautiful bride-to-be!

Publix half marathon

celebrating the birthday week of THIS kiddo!!
(cannot believe he's going to be ONE on Thursday)


Kristin said...

I want to come to mommy playdates soon. :) And, I cannot believe you ran the half marathon. And looked that good after it. That is amazing! And, I really can't believe H is one tomorrow. Wow.

Stephanie De Groot said...
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