Monday, March 11, 2013

10 & 11 Months

I can't believe we're just two short weeks away from having a one year old.  Here are his 10 and 11 month updates.


playing peek-a-boo

- lots of furniture walking
- super fast crawler, still
- finally feeding himself bits - toast, puffs (macaroni shaped), eating protein
- loves peek a boo (see reference photos above)
- his top teeth are coming in, and instead of the middle ones starting it out, the far left one (of the top 4) is coming first...a little redneck looking, but it's still pretty adorable
- fascinated with his sound machine (turning it on and off, on and off)
- standing by himself some
- napping twice a day, as usual (but mom has finally given a little leniency to the napping)


sound asleep with his puppy & lovey

- LOVES his lovey + stuffed puppy.  seriously...he lights up when he sees them.  and he sleeps with them under his arms (as evidenced by the photo above)
- he can now pull his baskets over to get to his toys
- he does much more babbling - dadada, baobaba
- taking 3 naps a day like a champ
- favorite toys are the ones that light up and make noise
- back to enjoying his exersaucer
- when you try to walk with him, he likes to jump up and down, but isn't really interested in walking

And that's it for now!  In just a few weeks I'll be posting his 1 year photos!!!  Ahhh....


OsbornOriginals said...

He is SO big and adorable!!