Friday, September 21, 2012

6 month check-up

Today the little man is 6 months old!  It is crazy how time is flying, and I am so loving this new stage.  While I'm hoping to get some typical monthly photos this afternoon, I just had to share these precious ones from his check-up this morning!

This appt alone showed me how much has changed since 2 months ago 
(our last appointment).  He was so easy going at 4 months, laying on his back, 
no rolling over, fully entertained by me.  This time, he was all over the
 place!  And loving that table paper!!

He was also super entertained by the other baby in the room (aka his reflection).  
It was kind of hilarious, watching him check himself out!

Yeah...sorry about the paper, Dr.

Hey, that's one cute baby!