Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a few random thoughts

...for the day before we become parents.

- I've never been admitted to a hospital before.  So, I've never had an IV before.  And I've never slept in one of those beds.  Or had to eat their food.  Or not been able to eat or drink for a whole day.

- I still feel like we're 18 years old, and in no way ready to be parents.  And then I remember that we're 30.  That's old.  And definitely screams parenthood. :)

- I got to Skype my brother and sister-in-law in Madagascar today.  Wishing they could be here with us to celebrate, but they've got a much more exciting life!  We do get to see them in May, tho, when they finally come home (for at least a year!).

- Our last meal as a parentless couple was Verde.  And it couldn't have been a more perfect night for sitting on the front porch.

- I'm probably a little more anxious about having a baby now that the labor is planned.  Interesting how that happens, huh?

- I bought a pair of normal jeans today.  And they're actually skinny jeans.  Isn't that the biggest no no for a pregnant woman?  They were just so adorable, bright, and such a good deal!  I couldn't pass it up.  And I can always return them, right?  

- I know that I'll be grateful that Scout is going to be having fun on a farm this first week of crazy parenthood for us, but I'm kind of sad that he's going.  

- I really, really, really can't believe that we are going to be parents tomorrow.  We get to meet our little boy or girl, and life will forever change.  But I'm so grateful for this opportunity.  Can't wait to let you know who it is that's been taking residence in my belly for the past 10 months!!


Kristin said...

Ahhh!!! I can't wait to hear. Hope your labor is proceeding uneventfully (or maybe Baby H decide to come quickly and is already here!). You and Jamie are going to be amazing parents. Can't wait to meet your bundle of joy. xo