Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Now, I'm no expert...but I can keep a tune and every now and then I find myself on stage w/ a mic (currently, it's pretty limited to weddings and funerals :). That being said, in this past year I have kinda quit listening to the radio. Other than talk. Yep, I said talk radio.

"What has happened?" you ask.

Well, to be honest...there's a whole lotta talent-less people out there who are topping the charts.

[I could go on a long tangent (yawn) on our culture and how we make celebrities out of people who have no talent at all, but that's not what I'm here for.]

Anywho, what I am here to do is to share with you some pretty amazing talent that I happened to stumble upon via the world wide web.

Anybody ever heard of Karmin? They're a girl-guy duo made up of Amy + Nick, and they are uber talented. I have to admit that I haven't heard any of their original songs, but they do a ton of covers (check out their YouTube covers page). Be warned: some of those covers are better than the originals! The most surprising part? Amy raps. Really darn well. I had so much trouble choosing just one video to share, so here are two.

I mean, her hair!

And then there's The Voice. I love it. I don't even love the four judges, but I love the way they work with the show. Seriously. This duet was the best one in the Battle Round, and it totally worth sharing.

Now, that's some talent!


Greer Carlson said...

Wow, Karmin is SO AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing :)