Monday, May 2, 2011

ah...the weekend

Don't you just love weekends?! J and I are really trying to be intentional about staying in town. As much fun as weekend trips are, it's also nice to spend time at home, work on the house, and hang out with friends.

[Sidenote: I remember how Jamie and I used to hear how our older, married friends spent their weekends working in the yard/on the house, and how we thought "that's so lame...we're never going to be like that!" Well, we are, folks. And we love it! There's nothing like the satisfaction of getting things done around the house, and we all know that the work never ends!]

Scout and J taking a break from cleaning out the gutters

On Saturday, we did take some time to have a little lunch-time cookout with some good friends. There's nothing like warm weather, good food, and great friends!

the table and spread

the Hargathers, Tarquinios, and Nalleys

Things accomplished this weekend: gutter cleaning, mopping of floors, cleaning of Master bath, pricing for more landscaping, drawing out the landscape design, a new plant for our front porch, de-pollening the front porch, lots of good food, evening neighborhood walks, and catching up on pictures, video, etc. of the royal wedding!


Hannah Kate Flora said...

i LOVE this molly!
ahh makes me want to come to atlanta!!

Ashley said...!!! and see you :)