Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i said it's great to be...

...you guessed it...an Auburn Tiger!

[Gina, Charlsie, Allison, Devon, Betsy, Katy, Boatmans, and all other Georgia fans who read my blog: I'd go ahead and skip to the last picture. Trying to play nice, here.]

This weekend was so. much. fun. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be in Auburn on game day. Gah. Really one of my favorite places! Especially when we beat up on the Bulldawgs. And especially when we're 11-0. Just sayin'! Now, the wknd in pics...

1/2 of The Pink House represented...
love these girls and our college memories

our only picture, from Tee's box, after everyone
had cleared out! good thing the AU was still on the screen

[sidenote: the post-game celebration might have been the most fun! we
didn't leave for an hour. the band played, the students sang, the players
ran up and down the field, and we got to thoroughly celebrate the
last home game of one of our best seasons. waaaaar eagle :)]

Allen/Goldsmith tailgate: an Auburn/Georgia tradition

We closed out the weekend celebrating all of the Charles
Allen kids' birthdays (which happen to all fall in November).
Pictured here is Mema with her three chillin' (as she would say).


Bagwell's said...

I love a good football game and especially a fun win so I am glad you go to enjoy it. Though I know you are Auburn at heart....you look good in red, too! And....Athens loved having you around!

I guess we can't win every year!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks for trying to play nice. ;)