Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday, we landed in Atlanta around 4:15pm. By the time we got our bags, found our car, and pulled into our driveway, it was close to 5:15pm. With everything going on last week in prep for the wedding weekend (which was so. much. fun....lots of pictures, video, and stories to come!), I didn't have time to pick up any candy.

So when I saw the group of trick-or-treaters start to gather at our neighbors house for a little pre-party with pizza and festivities, I bolted out to Kroger to grab something to give the little ones! Good news: when you wait until trick-or-treating time, candy is 30% off! And I made it home in time to get everything set up. Here are some pics -

The house where the festivities began
[This woman is the queen of holiday decor!!]

Our neighbor, Cynthia, who does the
"Great Pumpkin" theme every year

Our house, that pales in comparison

I was just glad the kids made the trip
down the driveway!

Here they come!

I thought this Twister costume was awesome! And to the
right is our sweet neighbor, Teddy the skunk

Happy first Halloween in Underwood Hills :)