Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Becoming a Hargather...


1 - First, learning how to say your new name, then the quickest way to spell it out for others.  Pronounced:  Harg-a (short "a") - ther.  Spelled:  Har - gather (rhyming w/ rather).

2 - Recognizing that dogs are a part of the family.  
Gabby & Bailey Hargather

3 - Lyrics don't matter, just as long as you can sing/hum your way through a song (unless taking part in #6, in which lyrics are provided).  

4 - Working out is not just reserved for big holidays, when you know you're going to stuff your face.  It's a way of life.  :)

5 - The ideal life would be spent on the beach, living in a bathing suit (perhaps good incentive for #4).   

Jamie, Sue, Kelly, & Dave snorkeling in Grand Cayman
last year.  (P.S. I was the photographer of that sweet shot.)

6 - Karaoke is the perfect ending to a great party.

                                  Me & Jamie I J's Bday 2007                                                    RA, Kelly & Me I J's Bday 2008

7 - Depending on which type of Hargather you don't skip dessert (Thank you, thank you to Kelly and Dave for this one!!).

8 - You must represent the ATL in all of its athletic endeavors.  
  Go Braves!                                               Go Panthers!                                                    Go Falcons!
9 - Friends are important, and family is essential.  

The Hargather trip to Raleigh I August 2009

*Of course, many of these things were learned growing up as an Allen, but I sure am grateful to have them reiterated with my amazing new family additions!


Rayne said...

Hey Molly,
I just found your blog, so fun! Congrats on being married!