Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tour of Home

Here are some snapshots from our home (almost completely put together, finally)!   The bedroom is still a disaster area, so pics to come later once we've gotten that completed. 

*Sidenotes -  
- so many of the items in our home are either wedding gifts or are things that we've bought/found somewhere along the way.  I love that there is a story with almost each piece of our home!
- long story short, in order to avoid paying painters to repaint the walls when we leave, since this is intended to be short-term living, we are not hanging anything on the walls.  But there are really only a few spots that I would hang something any way, since the space is so small. 
- not a fan of the exposed cords running along in different areas, but alas, it's temporary living and in order to get a lamp lit you've got to plug it in!

the entryway 
*fun facts - my mom painted that painting!  the silver tray with the 
engraved "H" is actually a calling card tray.  my grandma gave
it to us as a wedding gift.  along with many stories.  and the coffee
table book was our wedding guest book!

to the right is an old china cabinet (that I intend to 
makeover, eventually, when we have more free time) 
*fun fact - this was a free find from my old house!  
it's now home to all of our brand new china.

take a left, and you enter the kitchen

view of kitchen from the living room 
(excuse the messy pantry)

living room (wish I had a good shot of the exposed ducts 
that run along our ceiling)

bathroom sinks

doors from the living room to our (huge) outdoor patio

our new outdoor furniture!  and the spot
where we spend most of our time


Ashley said...

It looks SO good! I even clicked on all the pics to make them bigger!

Can't wait for margarita night!!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

This is awesome, Molly. I am especially loving the outdoor space.