Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventures on Lake Yonah

Two weeks ago, Jamie and I joined our friends, Lindsay and Gavin, on a trip to Lake Yonah (Dot A below).
Lindsay's parents have a house there, and we were more than willing to join them for some time on the water.  

After relaxing on the dock for maybe 10 minutes, the guys try to decide what they can do to entertain themselves.  
Game 1:  Player 1 throws the frisbee, Player 2 jumps off the dock in an effort to catch in mid-air.
Game 2 (winner by a landslide):  Player 1 on the jet ski starts at the dock.  Player 2 on dock throws frisbee as far as possible as Player 2 races the jet ski to try to catch the frisbee.  Another alternative is playing in pairs.  

Tubing: Day 1

Lake Yonah might just be one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever been on! No road access to the houses, so you have to own a boat to have a house (that's how you get to the house).  And most of the houses are set back, so there is so much landscape!

Lindsay's aunt and uncle, who also have a house on Lake Yonah, planted blueberry bushes a couple of years ago.  Since they weren't around this weekend, we decided to go see how they were doing.  We ended up picking buckets full of blueberries!!  And we thought we'd come up with some blueberry concoctions.  

Concoction 1:  Blueberry cocktail.  
(tasted better than it looked!)
Concoction 2 (not pictured):  Blueberry compote for 
the next morning's French Toast)

Lindsay's pretty much the greatest cook I know 
(coming up soon, I intend to post about my idea I want to pitch to 
Food Network for Linds' own show)!

Our late night boat ride turned into an adventure when we
ran out of gas.  Here's Gavin making a pouty face at the time we realized!

Lindsay playing superman with her 200 lb. husband!

After a long night of catch phrase, my cute husband and I ready for a boat ride

Jess came for the day on Sunday, and we decided we'd 
go for a triple tubing experience.  Funniest of my life!

Jess gets adventurous (and Linds isn't too excited)

Linds and I barely hanging on

After almost losing our bathing suit bottoms (twice!), we decide on a different approach.  I almost wish there were more pictures.  It was hilarious!!  Every time we made it around a turn 
and we were all still on the tube, we were in awe!

Super fun trip with some of my favorite people!  Sometime soon I need to tell you more about what Lindsay and Gavin do!  It's even more cool than all the fun we had on this trip :)