Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some people drink coffee in the mornings...

...and I drink Bloody Mary's.  Ok, not every morning.  Just special occassions.  

We had a baby shower for Andrea this morning at work, and Dawn outdid herself again!  It was beautiful, not to mention a great distraction from work. :)

Once we get pictures of all of the decorations, I'll post them (I like to act like my co-workers aren't the only ones who read my blog).  But the food was amazing!  Breakfast casseroles, spinach quiche, potato casserole, muffins, fruit with granola and yogurt, and PETIT FOURs!!!  So yummy.  Kyle ordered some amazing ones from Henri's Bakery, with the most adorable tiny, pink baby shoes in icing on top.  Mmmm.  

And tomorrow we're ordering lunch from Nuevo Laredo and watching Darius Goes West!  What a way to end the week :)