Monday, March 9, 2009

Disney Princesses

Random #19 - I am a real Disney Princess - Belle.

When my niece, Hadley, turned 5, my sister wanted to throw a Princess Party for her and all of her friends.  But not only did she want a princess party, she also wanted real princesses there.  That's how we got involved.  I like to think of myself as the world's greatest aunt, but somehow I convinced my younger sister, Robin Anne, that she needed to do it with me.  So Jennifer (older sister) went to a local costume shop and got us these beauties.  

Funny thing - Hadley actually thought that the real Belle and Cinderella were coming to her party.  When we showed up, though, she knew who we were.  However, when all of her friends started freaking out thinking we were the real things, she just went along and convinced herself we were!  We even had story time, make-up, snacks, sing-a-longs.  Jennifer's got a lot of making up to do when her day comes :)


Katy Beck said...

You guys look great!