Friday, December 5, 2008

I actually used to like Denny...

 ...but Grey's is ruining that for me.  It's running the course that every TV show eventually does - taking what was once good (good being a relative term) and taking it too far.  

I've already mentioned the Grey writer's blog.  Although they are avoiding talking about how ridiculous it is that Izzie and Denny are "together" when he is DEAD, here are some comments that I found humorous...

All is good in the world  until we get to Izzie and Denny.  Please kill him...wait, HE'S ALREADY DEAD!  Please get rid of him soon, the story is getting so ridiculous & disturbing, I mean, sex with a ghost and all.  

Enough of the new characters and the dead characters!

Please kill Denny off, it can't be that hard, he's already DEAD!

...I'm having huge huge difficulties with this Deady ridiculousness...I know all the Deady business isn't your fault, but please for the love of god make it stop!

Denny needs to go.  The show is a joke now.  Not enjoyable or funny.  I really hope there is a master plan behind Izzie sexing up a ghost/herself or whatever.  

okay, i love you guys.  i love the show.  i love this blog.  but seriously...denny?  seriously?? why???....can we please not?  please???  let's just all be alive.  that would be super.

I liked this episode, I really did.  But...Denny is starting to piss me off.  I used to love him...I didn't want him to die in the first place.  but now he's annoying me.  

The list could go on and on.  (If you're interested, you can find it here.)  If I were the type of person to leave comments on blogs that the writers are never going to read, this would be it -

Come on guys.  Love the show.  Don't love the creepy, nonrealistic dead guy coming back thing.  Leave the good thing alone.