Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last few weeks have been full of decisions, mainly for the wedding, and have I mentioned that I am terrible with decision making?!  But, I have found a dress, photographers, the date (April 25th!), and chosen the bridesmaids!  Yay!  I know this is crazy, but I am having 13 girls in my wedding, all of whom have been an amazing friend at some point in my life (ranging from playing in the crib & sandbox together, to college, to grad school, to the real world).  

I went a different route in asking them, in more ways than one.  I actually asked each of my bridesmaids if they wanted to, or could be, a part of my wedding.  I feel, like most things, the question of "will you be a bridesmaid" has turned into a rhetorical question.  Or at least one with an expected answer of "yes."  Now this isn't documented, but I'm sure when the asking of bridesmaids and groomsmen originated and the question was asked, it was with the intention of the answerer (is that a word?) to actually have a choice!  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't want to have anyone feeling like they have to be a part of this.  But rather that I am honored if they have the time to commit to it.  

Anyhow...off the soapbox!  They have all been asked, and this is what I made for them - 

A homemade card and cd

The CD is a compilation of songs with at least one 
on there that reminds me of each of them.  

The card was made with posterboard, satin fabric, 
fake mini flowers, and blank notecards.  

I'm a nerd, I know!  But I do hope they enjoy getting them.  And phew to having that decision over!


Katy Beck said...

Wow Molly. These are stunning. You're so creative and thoughtful!

heather said...

Those are great! And I never really put thought into "asking" them to be a rhetorical question, but I totally did it that way! I guess I just assumed that they would all say yes, and although they did, now I am at a crossroads with one who may have to drop out because she can't afford it. I am not sure if she knew she wouldn't be able to afford it (I am making it pretty cheap, she isn't working) at the time that I asked, but still, I didn't really give them a chance to say no. I kind of feel bad now :(

Anyways! Great cards!! :)