Friday, November 7, 2008

Small Business Person of the Year (a.k.a. Dad)

My dad grew up on a small farm in Evans, GA, just outside of Augusta.  He milked cows before daylight, helped his daddy farm the land, and didn't miss a day of elementary school because both of his parents worked and couldn't arrange for him to be taken care of if he wasn't in school.  He worked hard throughout college to pay for school while earning his Building Science degree, married my mom, and they headed back to Augusta.  After working for a small company for a few years, he decided to pursue his dream of owning a construction company.  32 years later, R. W. Allen, LLC. is going stronger than ever.  

Today is Dad's 57th birthday AND it also happens to be the day that the Augusta Chamber of Commerce named him Small Business Person of the Year. 

Go Dad!  It is definitely well-deserved.  


devon said...

oh, yay! congrats to your dad!!