Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Re: Seriously?

My friend and co-worker, Ashley, has a fun blog that is like a mini-"US Weekly" with updates on her life, thoughts, obsessions, etc.  Recently she made a post entitled "Seriously" about her thoughts on all of the craziness going on with our favorite TV show, Grey's Anatomy.  

There has also been lots of office chatter a
bout how everyone feels about it all - Meredith's blast from the past now being an intern, Callie and Erica, Erica's sudden departure from the show, and of course - Denny coming back from the dead?!  While I am NOT a fan of most of the new plot lines, I must mention one thing that I actually do appreciate about Grey's right now.  It's the Grey's writers' blog.  You are probably thinking that I am a little obsessed if I enjoy watching the show, only to follow with reading more detail about the episode on the blog.  But, I'm being serious here.  

For those of you who are not writers (me!) or become more emotionally involved in the show so as to miss certain things (me, again!), this blog clearly spells out the reasons for doing the things they do.  Each person who writes an episode then blogs about their take on why it was important for Christina and Owen to start over when he officially joins the team, even after they've smooched in a previous episode OR how the theme of detachment runs all through the Rise Up episode OR what the plan really is for Season 5.  

With all my support for these guys, I might have to agree with Ashley on some of the latest decisions.  Seriously?!  However I do feel a little better after I read this week's blog post, yet I just can't agree that they are not crazy with portraying Denny as real to Izzy when NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE HIM.  Hello?!  That was the question I kept waiting for her to ask.  Not, can I really feel you?  (P.S. The thought of her making love to a dead guy/spirit is a little much.)  Not, why are you here?  But, rather, why can't anyone else see you?  

Sigh.  I miss the good ole' days...