Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Resolution

#1: lose a little weight. And that's just what I'll be doing in just a few days!

Thinking back through the last few months, there were a few things that I just had to write down so that I'd remember what it's like to be pregnant with twins. Much of it is the same, especially the first few months. But the rapid growth of the belly makes for so many questions and strange looks.

Reactions when people find out I'm pregnant with twins:
If I've got both of my other kids with me... 
- most people laugh. 
- tell me that they'll see me in 15 years. 
- remind me how full my hands are going to be. 
- but also how fast it's going to go. 
- and some really kind people tell me how blessed we are. or how great I look (I mean, your butt's bound to look small when your belly's this big :)

Some of the advice I've gotten: 
- do a load of laundry every day (I could get on board with that) so that it doesn't pile up
- have a picnic party in the car; turn on a movie, go through the CFA drive through, and give myself some quiet time (another I could get on board with)
- get a tummy tuck at the same time as my c-section (yes, I've really had two people, both who've had twins, who have recommended this to me). For the record, I'm not doing it, but I did ask my Dr. out of curiosity about whether or not that's for real. She said that's not even an option :). 
- hire a nanny, a night nurse, and get as much help as possible. If money were no issue, we would do all of the above, I'm sure. But, it's not really an option. However, we are lining up some great help (both family and hired), and I'm feeling pretty good about the set-up and my capacity.

Surprising questions I've gotten:
- (before knowing for sure) "Please tell me there is more than one baby in there?!" Well, actually, there are two. However, that's quite a bold question to ask...ever! And it's happened twice! 
- "Is there something special you did to have twins?" Well, no. I mean, we did the same thing we've done to make any babies?!

And a few random thoughts:
- I kind of hope that I never forget what it's like to walk through a public place this pregnant. The looks. The random comments. The whispers. 
- I feel like I've pushed my body in a lot of ways. I've participated in some pretty competitive sports, run a few half marathons, and taken some seriously hard classes (uh hum...Dantwan). This twin pregnancy is, by far, the hardest physical thing I've ever done. It's no joke, people. And I give major kudos (to anyone who's ever carried one baby, but also...) to anyone who has ever carried multiples. I'm super grateful for the smooth pregnancy, but this ain't no joke!

Next up: real life photos of the twins!