Monday, May 19, 2014

One month :: Delle

We've made it to one month!  Hallelujah.

I did the official one month photos (a few days late, as usual), and this is how we started...

I ran to go get something and poor baby girl just fell straight over.  Oops.

This was the best we got…

Guess it was better than Hammond's?

There was no way this guy was going to miss out on the action.  He really wanted to hold "Baby Delle." 

Here are a few other photos I've snapped throughout the first month.

I love it when she has her eyes open!
(during the day, that is :)

our new bedtime routine has a full bed!

As with Hammond, we wanted to go with all family names.  Delle is my maternal grandmother's middle name, and Louise was my paternal grandmother's first name.  

Here is Delle with her living namesake, Ruth Delle Hadley Reeve.

And here are her stats.

10 lbs 5 oz - 85th %
22.5 in long - 95th %

Have I mentioned that this little guy is a great big brother?!  Seriously.  These videos sum it up well.  He is always talking about "baby Delle."  "Baby Delle napping."  Baby Delle bottle." "Hey Baby Delle." Etc. Etc.