Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1st Birthday Party

For Hammond's first birthday, Jamie and I decided we would celebrate him (of course) and the fact that he and I had made it through one full year of parenting!  Woohoo.  So we threw a big celebration with our friends and his. :)

Here are a few snapshots of the celebration...

Hadley was a huge help setting up the kids' snacks
(popcorn, goldfish, raisins, apples)

the dessert table

I made a banner of pictures from Hammond's first year...it was
one of my favorites.  and i still haven't taken it down yet!

beverages just taste better out of a mason jar + a striped straw :)

family photo

 And then came the cake...

wait for it...

wait for it...

 and the meltdown!

Outside of the cake meltdown -- I'm thinking it had more to do with all of the attention on him and the birthday song -- the rest of the birthday celebration sure was fun!  And I loved celebrating his first year of life.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Great Baby Race

Running a little behind, but what's new?  I'd like to say it's the perfect timing for this post, since little man is officially walking!  So, we'll just go with that. 

Back in January, when we were still crawling like a speed demon, we entered Hammond into Georgia State's Great Baby Race.  Turns out, Jamie and I just happened to be at the GSU basketball game two years ago when they had the race.  And it. is. hilarious.  The babies are about as unpredictable as chickens.  Most of them, at least.  Turns out, not my baby. :)

All we needed was mama holding his favorite stuffed doggy & lovey at the end, and he was off.  

 started our day lifting some light weights :)
(he actually just happened to get into mom's post-baby
& pathetically light weights)

and ended our day chewing on this huge trophy

Hammond & Pounce

cheering on the team after our big win

Here's a short video of his win, from mama's view (pardon my screaming :)

And here's one from the stands (a little longer)...

Hammond went on to spend the night with Grandma Sue-Sue that night, and turns out, the parents got to have dinner on our 9 month old that night.  That's right...prize money!  And a few tickets to the zoo, that we'll be sure to use this summer!

Hammond was even featured on the news!  Hilarious.  Hope we haven't already peaked in our athletic endeavors!!