Monday, April 23, 2012

one month

It's crazy how time can fly, and yet how it can drag on...all at the same time.  In some moments, I can hardly believe that our little guy is ONE month old!  And in others, it feels like we've been doing this for a while (mostly when we're trying to get through the night!).  

Of course, I had to get a few photos of him in his glider with a one month document his growth over the months!  (Right after I changed him, clothed him, and put him in the chair, he spit up everywhere!)  We go to the pediatrician on Wednesday for his month check up, so the stats will have to come later...although I know you're all dying to hear. 

i love this photo.  and i love that one of our guy friends commented on
how cute it was that he was laughing.  i wish he had been laughing!


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