Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This year, we celebrated the Hargather family Christmas the weekend before the 25th.  Sue is such a great host, and even more than that, she's a gift giver.  It was supposed to be a small Christmas, but the pile of gifts under the tree proved that she just couldn't do it!  We also treated it just as we would any other Christmas, so we ate a huge meal Friday night, and woke up Saturday morning to our "Christmas" Day.  

 breakfast on "Christmas" morning


Even the dogs had a big Christmas.  They played hard (here they are chasing
after a tennis ball in the pool...Bailey was the only one who would actually 
swim to get it!).  I'm pretty sure Sue-Sue's is Scout's 2nd favorite place to be!

Although we didn't have Christmas at our own home (or even host anything Christmas-ey), I couldn't help but deck it out in Christmas decorations.  But all I remembered to take a picture of was our tree!  It was a skinny tree, but (a really good deal! and...) perfect for us to squeeze into the small space we are working with.  

there's nothing I love more than a lit Christmas tree...
especially with all the gifts underneath

For Christmas, we traveled to Augusta (for the first time since we've been married!).  We went down early for the 3D ultrasound, but it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends (oh, and for Jamie and my dad to play golf :).

 one of my favorite catch-ups was seeing this sweet little girl - Caroline Burkhalter
(and the rest of the Goldsmith's ever-growing family!)

My parents are always on the go, so we went to more Christmas parties, dinners, etc.  It sure makes for a festive holiday tho, and some really good food!

Christmas Eve

our attempt at a family photo...Scout wasn't havin' it

the table set for Christmas morning (thanks for our super
talented family friend, Lynwood)

before checking out what Santa brought us

Christmas dinner

[Sidenote: I think my parents' house is so beautiful at Christmas.  My mom
always does an amazing job with the decorations, centerpieces, etc.  Jamie
joked that we were having the "formal" Christmas this year (as they used to 
refer to my family as the formal family...the Hargathers were the fit ones :).
While he was probably fairly accurate, I love it so much!]

On the way home, we took my sister's fianc√©, Bob, back to his parents' house in Thomson (where he's living for the time being while they look for a house).  They live on a beautiful large piece of land, along with several relatives close by, and a big ole' pond.  We let Scout run around for a bit, took him to the pond, and he had a blast!  He chased sticks into the water and ran all over...leaving him muddy and spent.  The Wills were sweet to let us bathe him before we made the trip home.  But I love this picture above.  He was like a little kid.  He didn't want to go to sleep, so he was sitting up.  But, he could barely keep his eyes open!  The cute lil' stinker.  What are we going to do when we have cute little kids?!  


Kristin said...

So cute! I think about that too... what will you do when you have kids? I love my dogs. And, I know I'll love my kids more/ differently and the dogs will maybe take a back seat. But, they'll have one more person (eventually people) to love them too!