Monday, April 11, 2011


1 - The amount of times Scout whimpered in the middle of the night while we were in Augusta...impressive, huh?

2 - The number of strokes that the 2nd place winners fell behind at the final round of the Masters yesterday.

3 - The number of places that Scout chewed through the cord to my hair straightener. (It's still remains a mystery as to how he got out of his crate at my parents' while we were gone, but at least that was all the damage done!)

4 - The number of times Scout's peed in the house since we've had him (we'll take the blame).

5 - The number of days that I was sick with the stomach bug. Over Masters week. Boo.

6 - The number of days that I'll be in California with my sisters and mom, starting this Wednesday!

Think I'll end with a good note. Pictures to come!