Thursday, February 4, 2010


I almost don't want to tell any Atlanta people about this place, because it's already got plenty of business ('s always packed!). But in the interest of boasting on our new 'hood, I'm revealing the secret.

Their tag line? a good place to be.

And good it is. Jamie and I ventured over one Sunday afternoon just to see what the buzz was about. We didn't eat, nor did we stay long. But we took the tour, chatted with a super friendly waiter, and were in awe. So, we decided to take an almost official visit this past Friday night. No food yet (that will come), but we did get a drink and soaked it all in.

My list of the top things that intrigued us -
1 - Indoor, full-sized bocce court.
2 - Darts, pool, shuffleboard.
3 - Beautiful interior walls made of wood planks.
4 - Food. (Even if I haven't tasted it yet, it sure does sound + smell good.)
5 - TV's. (J and I propped up at the bar to watch the Hawks game.)
6 - Vast beer, cocktail, and wine menu.
7 - Friendly staff.
8 - About 2 miles from our home.
9 - Housed in the White Provisions building, which is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! (The retail building, that is)
10 - No sign on the door. It's just a big wooden door.

You can read various blog reviews here. here. and here. Oh, and here too.

bocce ball

(that apparently come with your choice b/t
10 different dipping sauces. have i mentioned
that i love dipping sauces?!)




[Photo credits all belonging to someone else!]


Kb_Mal said...

OOoh. Looks awesome! I can't wait to check Ormsby's out.

It's smaller scale (and further from you) but you should check out Leon's Full Service next time you're in Decatur. Similar ambiance... and fries and dipping sauces! Dan and I love it. :)