Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday, and leave it to my friend Jessi (who's doing a really cool thing with her life...you should check it out here), to let me know that the date yesterday was exactly symmetrical when written out as above. Or a palindrome, if you prefer (my friend, Charlsie is another one I would have expected to bring it to my attention!).

It was a great day. Banana pancakes. Quiet, alone time for lunch. Dinner (cooked on our new grill) with the husband at home. And a movie!

Oh yeah....and this came in a pretty package for me (which just happens to be my DREAM WATCH!). Go husband!


Kristen said...

happy (late) birthday :) love the watch and the pamcakes.

Bagwell's said...

Happy Late Birthday too, Molly! I remember yours every years since ours are so close. I hope you loved your day. What a great watch, go husband!