Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marriage = Awesome

I know we're only a few weeks in, but Jamie and I have decided that marriage is the greatest thing ever!  We have had a blast being married - setting up our condo, entertaining friends, waking up together in the mornings, and everything else that comes with it!  God is so good in His timing and His plan, and I think Jamie and I have both appreciated this new phase in our lives and relationship because of how God has designed it.  

Since being married, my itch to nest has totally taken over.  I've been cooking and baking and entertaining all that I can.  We've been furniture shopping and rearranging our home just about every day since we've moved in.  We're flat out exhausted, but it has been so much fun. And I couldn't image a better or more fun person to be doing it with.  

May 11th was our two year dating anniversary, and although it slipped Jamie's mind, it gave me an excuse to break out the china and silver and work on polishing up my cooking skills.  Here are a few pictures from the dinner (a three course in honor of our chef from Antigua) - 
first course - prosciutto, apple, and gouda mini-sandwiches topped with picked onions
the set up (no table yet!)
my new apron so I wouldn't spill anything 
honey balsamic salmon with a side salad of sauteed edamame, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms

lemon poppyseed yogurt and fruit parfait for dessert
feeling like we are finally in a home :)
Soon to come - pics of the progress we've been making in the condo!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Best day of my life!

Some snapshots...

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