Monday, February 20, 2012

tales of paint swatches

I've always had trouble making decisions when it comes to decorating our home.  And the nursery is no exception.  I have ideas, I just struggle visualizing them until they're in place.  The problem is that sometimes it's too late at that point!  

When we first moved into our home, every wall needed repainting.  And that's when I discovered that I don't like working with swatches.  They're way too small to be able to tell what color your entire wall is going to look like!  And does the color ever really go on the same exact shade?!  So, another talented friend of mine, Jessica, helped me pick out colors and did a fabulous job.

This weekend I found an adorable three-shelf side table (we've got minimal room beside the glider!), but it needed a new paint job.  It worked out well because the bookshelf for the nursery needed repainting, too.  I had decided on a darkish gray color (similar to the darker gray in our rug), considering we had so much white (crib, dresser, lamp, glider cushion), and we've got some gray throughout. 

This weekend, I learned that I hate paint swatches.  I know that's a strong word, but I do.  I made my first trip to ACE by myself to pick out the color.  I went back and forth, between ones that were more blue and ones that had green tones, all the while thinking...why don't they just have one called "gray?!"  And then I found "Medium Gray!"  An answer to a prayer?  At first I thought so.  Until I completed two coats on both the bookshelf and the side table...and let them dry...and put the side table in the nursery.  Totally wasn't going to work (and Jamie agreed).  

So, Jamie went with me for the 2nd trip to ACE.  After going through more swatches and narrowing them down, we picked one that we knew had some blue tones...but it was definitely a gray.  

Two more coats of paint down, on both the bookshelf and the side table, and I think it's too blue.  In other words, I've wasted two quarts of paint, $$$, and my precious time painting two pieces the wrong color.  But the thing is...I think this second color is here to stay.  Until my younger sister comes in town this weekend, and convinces me that we need to try one more time.  Are there bigger troubles in life?  Absolutely.  Just telling the tales of a woman who's scheduled to have a baby in three weeks and still can't finish her nursery!


Kb_Mal said...

I'm a big fan of the Martha Stewart colors at Home Depot. Have used 5 of them and have been happy with all. :)

Looking forward to seeing your project!

Kristen said...

grays are really hard! they always read as either too blue or too purple or too brown or too "cement"...a trick i've learned with swatches is to pay attention to what colors are around them on the paint deck...if a green is only 5 colors away, youre probably gonna get a greenish gray. anyway...if you need some gray suggestions, email me!

Molly Hargather said...

thanks for the MS tips, Katy!

and, kristen, i almost called you, but i don't want to bombard you! i might send you an email with some photos, and see what you think. thanks so much for offering :)