Wednesday, February 24, 2016

twins :: ONE MONTH

We've made it ONE MONTH! Bring out the champagne, because I feel like we've accomplished something big! And bring extra glasses because there are a LOT of people who have helped us get here :).

Mills + Luke

two very different looking twins :)

these big kids LOVE their babies


(and one cute little onlooker)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Resolution

#1: lose a little weight. And that's just what I'll be doing in just a few days!

Thinking back through the last few months, there were a few things that I just had to write down so that I'd remember what it's like to be pregnant with twins. Much of it is the same, especially the first few months. But the rapid growth of the belly makes for so many questions and strange looks.

Reactions when people find out I'm pregnant with twins:
If I've got both of my other kids with me... 
- most people laugh. 
- tell me that they'll see me in 15 years. 
- remind me how full my hands are going to be. 
- but also how fast it's going to go. 
- and some really kind people tell me how blessed we are. or how great I look (I mean, your butt's bound to look small when your belly's this big :)

Some of the advice I've gotten: 
- do a load of laundry every day (I could get on board with that) so that it doesn't pile up
- have a picnic party in the car; turn on a movie, go through the CFA drive through, and give myself some quiet time (another I could get on board with)
- get a tummy tuck at the same time as my c-section (yes, I've really had two people, both who've had twins, who have recommended this to me). For the record, I'm not doing it, but I did ask my Dr. out of curiosity about whether or not that's for real. She said that's not even an option :). 
- hire a nanny, a night nurse, and get as much help as possible. If money were no issue, we would do all of the above, I'm sure. But, it's not really an option. However, we are lining up some great help (both family and hired), and I'm feeling pretty good about the set-up and my capacity.

Surprising questions I've gotten:
- (before knowing for sure) "Please tell me there is more than one baby in there?!" Well, actually, there are two. However, that's quite a bold question to ask...ever! And it's happened twice! 
- "Is there something special you did to have twins?" Well, no. I mean, we did the same thing we've done to make any babies?!

And a few random thoughts:
- I kind of hope that I never forget what it's like to walk through a public place this pregnant. The looks. The random comments. The whispers. 
- I feel like I've pushed my body in a lot of ways. I've participated in some pretty competitive sports, run a few half marathons, and taken some seriously hard classes (uh hum...Dantwan). This twin pregnancy is, by far, the hardest physical thing I've ever done. It's no joke, people. And I give major kudos (to anyone who's ever carried one baby, but also...) to anyone who has ever carried multiples. I'm super grateful for the smooth pregnancy, but this ain't no joke!

Next up: real life photos of the twins!

Friday, July 31, 2015


This June, our family got some exciting and super surprising news...we're expecting TWINS! That's right :: two babies. At one time.

A few random facts about it all...

- Yes, we were surprised! 100%. I couldn't get in to have an ultrasound until 9 1/2 weeks, so for around 5 weeks, we knew we were pregnant, but we assumed with only one baby. (Except that my baby belly sure was growing faster this time!)

- How did it go down?
(Something like this...)
Tech (pulling up a baby on the ultrasound): "Baby looks great and healthy."
Me: "Yay! (Looking at the kids) There's the baby."
Tech: "Is this your first ultrasound?"
Me: "Yes ma'am."
Tech: "Well, there's another baby in there. You're having twins!"

- What was our reaction? When she told us, we were f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g out. Immediate tears. Immediate, hysterical laughter. Immediate gratitude. Immediate anxiety. :) It was the sweetest moment. And everyone was there!

I just happened to take this photo right before we found out.
They were just all too cute sitting there!

- The twins in my belly are fraternal, meaning the gender combo could be anything! So, do twins run in our family? Way, way up. And see below. (But as an FYI, fraternal is genetic, identical is random!)

- My older sister actually has a set of twins (the sweetest, most adorable pair, pictured right). Hers are also the 3rd and 4th, with a very small age gap between the 2nd and the twins. And hers are identical.
- Delle will be 20 months old when these guys arrive (assuming they're not too early), and Hammond will be three months shy of 4. That's right...4 babies under the age of 4!

- Will we find out the genders? We haven't in the past, but considering all that is going to come our way in January, we've decided it's the wisest thing. I haven't quite come to terms with that (a gender surprise at birth is the absolute BEST, in my opinion!), but again, I know it's the wisest thing. The plus side? All of the freshly laundered, gender appropriate clothes ready to go in their drawers and closets. Monogrammed items. The decorating possibilities.

- On an ironic note, we don't own a car that will fit four babies in it. And our house is barely going to be able to fit six people in it! But we are so grateful, and we have about 5 months (yes, we are already to that mark!) to figure all of that out :).

Another photo from the day we found out

Their first photo together

Delle :: One year

365 days with this beauty. Delle Louise, you have surprised us more in this past year than I thought possible! Your sweet, cuddly personality pairs well with your firecracker spirit and tolerance for your brother. We love you more than you'll know, and I am thankful to have a front row seat to your little life. Happy one year!

Nine months ::

Ten months ::

Eleven months ::

(gotta show one pic of the 3 year old bday boy!)

Delle updates

At this point, I'm probably writing for myself (after all, it's only been about 5 months?!), but I want to have all this in writing.  So, here are some baby Delle updates.

Six Months ::

Seven months :: 

 Eight Months ::

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hammy goes to school!

When Hammond was born, Jamie and I made the decision (because there was opportunity) for me to stay home.  It is SUCH a gift, but it's not always easy.  However, we also decided not to put him in any sort of day program (which, depending on where you are and who your friends are, may or may not sound normal).  So, aside from the gym and a Bible study I do once a week, we spend most of our days together!  Until now…

With little sister joining the chaos, we decided maybe it was worth a try for this fall.  Not to mention that Hammond is a social kid.  If he's given the opportunity, he wants to be with friends. All the time.  

After asking to go to school repeatedly, I decided to try out a VBS this summer that his friend, Conrad, was going to.  

Here he is!  Day 1.  SO excited!

That week went really, really well, and he had a blast.  5 days was definitely too much for him (although, if he could, he probably would have told me otherwise), but it was such a success that we decided to try out a program this fall.

After much procrastination, I finally signed him up for the PMO at our YMCA (I have a post coming dedicated solely to that place…we LOVE it!) for two days a week.

Day 1

Day 2 (with the support of baby sister)

And here he is being walked into the building after 
drop off!  Does he not look like such a big boy?!

picnic at the playground after his 2nd day

So far, it's pretty good!  The program we're doing is such a baby step into school for him, which is perfect for where we are right now.  It's not a formal program, and some kids only sign up weekly.  But, he is enjoying his time with new friends, play time, and crafts.  I mean, he loves it!  And I'm actually getting a few things accomplished in a day!  And getting to spend a little more one-on-one time with sweet Delle.  

For me, I think there will always be tension with how much time our kids spend away from the influence of our home.  And I'm ok with that.  But, this is certainly a fun new season for the little man, and for mom. :)