Monday, March 12, 2012

Due Date

Happy Due Date to where's the baby?!  

Today was the day, and still no sign of Baby Hargather.  

We even tried the eggplant parmesan trick at Scalini's on Friday night.  The story is that if you have their eggplant parmesan dish, you'll go into labor within 48 hours.  That would have been last night.  Oh well!  

We did manage to have a great time, tho!  

While many people have told me how frustrating and discouraging it is to be late, I'm actually doing just fine with it.  I mean, I'm definitely ready to meet our sweet baby, but I'm also soaking up life without baby while we can.  Time with Jamie, finishing up work, a flexible schedule, SLEEP!  :)  I may be singing a different tune one week from now, but for the moment we'll just keep doing life while we wait. 


Bagwell's said...

Good attitude, mama! God knows the perfect timing and that is comforting. I can't wait to hear your news but in the mean time......go get a foot massage (I did this with both and once I swear it sent me into labor), walk, walk, and keep walking, and as you said...enjoy the gift of sleep and quiet. Thinking about you! PS - we are moving to Sandy Springs...sort of near Greer and Tyler.

Rayne said...

SO CLOSE, He is just too comfy! When it came close to Lane's due date I did about 100 squats a day to see if that would get him moving in the right direction :) No, it didn't work either! Praying for ya'll and a great labor experience!